RVing is becoming incredibly popular of late. In fact, it might just be the most popular it’s ever been. We’re seeing more RV shipments and sales, more RV rentals, and even more families hitting the road full-time. If you’re wondering about the numbers behind this, why this is happening, or what it all means for you as an RV owner, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will dive into each of these things so you can make the best decisions for you and your RV, and to be prepared for the future of the RV world. RV Sales on the Rise We mentioned that RVing has become very popular. This is pretty apparent if you spend any time at all on RV forums or even in RV campgrounds. That said, these things don’t really allow us to see the whole picture and really appreciate what is happening in the world of RVing. Actual numbers offer a much better look at how much the industry has grown, so let’s take a peek, shall we? In May 2020, because of the COVID shutdown, RV shipments were down a full 25%. However, this all changed in June, when numbers jumped back up amazingly quickly. Now, the industry is well on its way to a full recovery. In October, a total of 47,326 RV units were shipped out. This is up from 38,972 shipped in October 2019, and is the second-highest October on record. Additionally, this was the highest […]