Dr. Mauro C. Dal Canto Dr. Mauro Dal Canto was born in Italy on January 1,1944. He was a standout student from a young age and graduated cum laude with his MD degree from the University of Pisa in 1967. He came to the United States to complete his medical training in Pathology and Neuropathology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, 1970-1974. His professional career continued in Chicago where he worked as Professor in the Department of Pathology at Northwestern University Medical School. He served thirty years in the department providing clinical services in neuropathology and producing important research contributing to the understanding of Multiple Sclerosis. His research was funded by the NIH from 1975 onwards, a rare honor and privilege in the age of decreasing funding for scientific and medical advancement. He was honored with Professor Emeritus status in 2005. Mauro loved the symphony and opera, and played classical piano daily for relaxation. He developed a love of aviation when his children were young, and attained commercial and instructor certifications. He took his family on trips out West, exploring Colorado and Utah, by way of his twin engine Cessna planes. He loved to travel, packing his itineraries with history, architecture, and natural wonders. He played tennis with his sons when they were teenagers, golf when they were older, and had recently transitioned to pickle ball. He loved to camp with his RV, rappel with the kids in Moab and scuba dive, all of which […]