The Plot: Fern (Frances McDormand) has lost everything that anchors her to a place. Her town of Empire closed after the only local plant shut down; then her husband died of cancer. Outfitting a van with little trays and pockets, she travels around the country doing seasonal work. Along the way she has made lifelong friends who are also modern day nomads. Is hers a life of Wanderlust or a path to flee society? Kent’s Take: “Nomadland” answers the above question with a resounding yes — it’s both and more. There is a small movement within society where some shrug off the materialistic rat-race to pursue a life of subsistence on the road. Earning enough to get by — being beholden to no one. This film is based on investigative journalist Jessica Bruder’s book of the same name and will catch you off guard with its relaxed start. Fern is both caring and independent. She has friends wherever she parks her van, but she also pushes away charity. It is a lonely life she has chosen, but what some see as loneliness, she sees as glorious solitude. Screenwriter/Director Chloé Zhao captures both the perils and freedom of this lifestyle. The cinematography as well as the artful shooting of this film is wonderful. Add a rousing soundtrack that heightens the emotions and honest performances from the entire cast and you have a heartfelt journey about living. There is no undercurrent of right and wrong; this is just a story about […]