By Tony Barthel The CURT BetterWeigh™ is a device that helps vehicle owners determine tow weight, cargo weight and other factors in their vehicle’s towing through the use of the OBD II system and a smartphone app via Bluetooth. CURT, a manufacturer of hitches of all sorts as well as other components, sent me a BetterWeigh device to test out. CURT is a member of the Lippert Family – you probably recognize that name as they are a manufacturer of all sorts of RV components. So what is it? The CURT Better Weigh screen on my iPhone The Curt BetterWeigh™ is a device that hooks to your vehicle’s OBD II port and reads a combination of factors to deliver readings on vehicle weight, tongue weight, pin weight, payload and weight distribution. It appears to use sensors in the device itself to measure the vehicle’s angle (how much the springs deflect when you hook up your trailer) and combines that with information from the vehicle’s computer to achieve other measurements. All of this is delivered via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet via a proprietary app. The CURT BetterWeigh uses what the company calls “TowSense™” technology. From the manufacturer: “TowSense technology is a digital towing scale system. Using an accelerometer circuit, TowSense measures changes in the velocity and pitch of your vehicle. It uses this data to calculate weights associated with towing and hauling. “The BetterWeigh tongue weight scale wirelessly connects to your Apple or Android phone to display the […]