RV shipment delays By Tony Barthel If you’re driving around and seeing RV dealer lots empty it’s not because they’re going out of business. In fact, RV dealers and the industry as a whole are thriving. The problem is a shortage of critical parts at manufacturing plants that makes finishing many RVs impossible or presents long delays. According to some sources, there are RVs sitting in fields waiting for just a few parts before they’re considered complete and shipped off to the dealers. And for every RV that a dealer may have on order, there may be multiple people willing to put down a deposit on that RV and buy it sight unseen. Thor, the world’s largest RV manufacturer, stated in its first-quarter fiscal results that it has $8.9 billion in back-ordered RVs worldwide, predominantly due to parts shortages. That’s like Santa promising you a toy for Christmas and you not getting it until Halloween – if you’re lucky. And it’s not substituted by Jack Skellington. Options that may have been available to customers and dealers in the past may not be available now due to parts shortages. “We were told there were options for 12-volt refrigerators,” said one RV dealer employee I spoke with, who noted that it used to be possible to choose between a 12-volt refrigerator or the more traditional RV gas-electric refrigerator. “Now that option is take it or leave it,” he said, referring to only being able to get the 12-volt models. This was […]