We’re looking for a bunkhouse to mostly leave parked at the lake. We’d only take 1-2 trips elsewhere / year. These are my favorite layouts I’ve found so far but I haven’t be able to tour either of them yet. I did talk to a sales guy the other day who mentioned if I’m not towing the trailer around all the time I may get similar durability out of a cheaper wood framed trailer than a more expensive aluminum frame. Obviously the Grand Design is nicer inside but as quick as these depreciate I’m not too excited about spending more money than needed. Most of the value for us will be having a permanent place at the lake we can go to anytime w/o a reservation. First we considered a park model but we decided we’d like the option to travel around some.

I don’t care much about warranties. I’d typically just prefer to fix any issues that come up rather than tow the thing a few hours to the dealer. I have heard of dealers in other industries sending warranty parts for self install. I’m not sure if an RV dealer would do that or not.

My thinking is it’s likely a new trailer will have some issues. But if I get a 2 or 3 year old model that was traded the issues should be mostly fixed and I can save some money.

Currently I’m seeing ads for a New Jayco for 20k, used GD for 22k or used Jayco […]