ALUMINATION Chronicles How the Founder of Airstream Forged a Spirit of Adventure That Lives on Today. For over 80 years, the Airstream travel trailer has epitomized adventure and wanderlust. An American icon, Airstream is widely known throughout the world, in part due to the early caravan adventures of Airstream founder, Wally Byam. In this inspiring, independent film project titled ALUMINATION , director Eric Bricker guides us through the adventurous dreams of a young Wally Byam, the epic international caravans those dreams birthed, and the refinement and legendary growth that became Airstream. “We are not directly selling a product, as much as we are selling a way of life” Wally Byam An inspiring Airstream story for all ALUMINATION is a story for all ages and all generations. The Airstream brand spans both of those, from Wally’s original leather-wrapped travel trailer in 1932 to the modern, aluminum skinned marvels coming out of the Airstream factory today. Watch how one man built a legend, and two men rescued it and built an empire. In ALUMINATION, you’ll learn how the new millennium saw a masterful turnaround for the popular but stagnant Airstream brand. You’ll also see and understand what makes this iconic brand continue to turn heads and hearts today. “It’s really about connecting people to the adventure, instead of insulating them from it.” Christopher C Deam ALUMINATION is an inspiring independent film about Wally Byam and the growth and popularity of Airstream – Photo: Airstream Preview ALUMINATION early & support Care Camps […]