BONNY DOON, Calif. — A Bonny Doon man jumped into action to help his neighbors during the CZU Lightning fire but he lost his own home in the process. On Wednesday, his life was turned around thanks to a very special and unexpected gift. Paul Gabriel helped save his neighbor’s homes but there was very little he could do to rescue his own. “I was able to get my cat and a couple of things,” said Gabriel. The RV was a surprise gift that he wasn’t expecting. He was told a friend needed help with his truck. “Oh, I’m not worthy. It’s one of those sort of moments. I feel I’m a normal guy doing the best I can but I’m a little bit speechless with all of this.” Volunteers with SCRelief.com partnered with James Faircloth’s, EmergencyRV.org, which has provided emergency and transitional housing to fire survivors and others. “He has gifted or donated the use of RV’S since the Camp Fire in 2018 and I think they’re close to 100. So, he ran this through his nonprofit because Santa Cruz Relieve is not a non-profit, so we partner through many nonprofits,” said Jodi Keaschall with SC Relief. Gabriel plans to rebuild the home that his family moved to 60 years ago but until he gets the okay a neighbor will let him keep it on their property. “This gentleman stayed back even though his house burned. He lost everything. He stayed back for seven days and saved his […]