Hello all, I’m digging deep into researching the possibility of uprooting traditional life and going for a van or RV of some sort. I’ve covered some bases and so far everything is to what I would expect except one major hurdle that will prevent me from ever going down this path. Internet. I know I can get a 4g/5g hotspot from the phone companies but the problem is I would consider myself a power user. I work from home which requires the net and I also stream a ton and play games etc. I pretty much use 1tb of data per month right now and all the plans I see are for a messily 50gb which absolutely won’t cut it, my work alone would blow right through that in a few days. I could probably save some data here and there but I’m still going to probably be always using more than 700gb. So I came here wondering if theres any sort of plans anyone has found outside of the basic phone companies. Preferably a plan that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg lol.