Six Nashville , Tenn., police officers were hailed as quick-thinking and fast-acting heroes Friday, credited saving lives and limiting injuries in the downtown area after a shocking Christmas morning explosion that remained a mystery Saturday morning. “These officers didn’t care about themselves,” Metro Nashville police Chief John Drake told FOX 17 in Nashville. “They didn’t think about that. They cared about the citizens of Nashville.” The police officers went door-to-door to evacuate residents and called in a bomb squad after spotting a suspicious recreational vehicle that was parked on a downtown street. Soon after, the RV exploded in a tremendous blast that damaged several buildings. Police were already in the area, responding to a call of shots fired in the early hours of Friday morning when they encountered the RV, which Drake said, “had a recording saying a potential bomb would detonate within 15 minutes.” VEHICLE PLAYED RECORDING SAYING BOMB WOULD DETONATE, UNKNOWN IF SOMEONE INSIDE RV: POLICE One officer, according to police, experienced hearing loss from the explosion and it was unclear whether the injury would be temporary or permanent. No other officers were hurt. The six officers were identified as: Officer Brenna Hosey (4 years of service); Officer James Luellen (3 years); Officer Michael Sipos (16 months); Officer Amanda Topping (21 months); Officer James Wells (21 months) and Sgt. Timothy Miller (11 years). Clockwise, from upper left: Nashville police Officer James Wells, Sgt. Timothy Miller, and officers Brenna Hosey, Michael Sipos, James Luellen and Amanda Topping. See […]