I’m looking at purchasing a 1978 Rancho 16ft travel trailer. It will be my first ever camper. My plan is to pay to have it inspected and if the repairs I need to make aren’t super costly, I will buy it and take it on the road next month. I can do some minor repairs and modifications myself but I’m not novice at best. The man who is selling it bought it to fix it up but has too many projects. Cost is $2,500, which considering campers are selling like hot cakes. I’m on a budget and financing this as is. ($4,000 total for purchase, inspection, repairs and titling.) He was told the fridge and heater work but have not tested. He says he knows the stove works and lights. There was a leak in the roof and he renovated the affected floor and resealed the camper, as well as made some nice additions to the interior. Propane is empty and batteries are dead, but I’m going to make sure that all gets looked at in the inspection. Even if I have to bring my own battery and propane. Guy does seem really honest but obviously there’s no telling if he himself was lied to or missed something. I will be using this to travel for work and save on hotels and dog boarding. I have a solar set up that I think will work to trickle charge the battery if need be but I doubt I’ll be connected […]