Panicked 911 calls on the morning of the Christmas bombing that tore through downtown Nashville paint a picture of confusion, chaos and terror. The calls began rolling in as residents first awoke to what sounded like three rounds of gunshots around 5:30 a.m. “We’re hearing gunshots on the street,” said a caller at the Rhea Building at 166 Second Avenue North. “We haven’t seen anything, however. We haven’t raised our shades because we’re trying not to draw any attention to our windows.” A caller at 178 Second Avenue North said he believed the shots were coming from inside his four story building but was too scared to leave his apartment to talk with officers. The rounds were followed by a message broadcast outside to evacuate the area, warning of a bomb inside a recreational vehicle. Residents scrambled to evacuate as six Metro Nashville Police Department officers arrived to comb the area . In between a digitized female voice giving the warning, there was music, the officers said. “Downtown,” a wistful 1964 song by Petula Clark , echoed down Second Avenue. Around 6:30 a.m. an RV parked outside an AT&T switch facility exploded. “Oh my God! My entire building just fell down. It’s collapsing,” one caller said, who identified her location as 160 Second Avenue North. “Please come … the roof is collapsing in.” The caller could be heard shouting to her dog, Ralph, to come and to be careful as they rushed to get out of the building. A […]