Classical Academy High School in Escondido (Photo by Adriana Heldiz/Voice of San Diego) January 12, 2021 Teachers at schools across California and beyond have been pushing back against districts’ plans to reopen for in-person instruction. In North County, both teacher resistance and staff shortages have thrown major wrenches in efforts to reopen schools from Vista to Encinitas to Escondido. As Kayla Jimenez reports in a new story, even a charter school system in North County, where teachers are not protected by a teachers union, quickly walked back plans to reopen next month after issuing an ultimatum to teachers that they should either return to work or sever ties with the school. Classical Academies CEO Cameron Curry called teachers’ interpretation of his message as an ultimatum a “misunderstanding” and said teachers would not be fired or removed for choosing not to return to the classroom. In his initial video message to teachers, obtained by VOSD, he said “If you’re one of those employees who does not feel safe, who has a health condition, who really has a fear or anxiety, you do need to talk with HR because you are ultimately responsible for the destiny of your life – thing things you want to do, the things you want to pursue, the career you want to have, what you want to eat for dinner each night. … You can either be with us or you can choose to work with HR and leave the organization.” The school no longer plans […]