Ben Zazulak has plenty of good reasons for his “Prius camping” lifestyle. The 21-year-old, who spends most of his nights sleeping in the trunk of a Toyota Prius, says he’s saving lots of money this way. Also, he gets to travel wherever he wants , whenever he wants. That freedom is clear throughout Zazulak’s TikTok channel, aptly named @priuscamping , where he’s been chronicling his journey . For the past few weeks, he’s been traveling around Texas while answering countless questions about his lifestyle. The majority of Zazulak’s videos show how he tackles the daily challenges of living in a car — including making breakfast , making a bed and going to the bathroom . All the while, he’s maintained an extremely positive, laid-back attitude. Zazulak’s TikTok page is certainly educating, but his goal is much more personal. He knows he’s making memories now that he’ll cherish forever. “I try to live my life free as a bird,” the 21-year-old told In The Know. “It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I know that when I’m older I will have many experiences that I wouldn’t trade for anything.” In the short term, the TikToker added, “freedom” is the biggest benefit of his lifestyle. He can spend all day driving if he wants — and still have a place to rest his head at night. As far as money goes, Zazulak takes on subcontracting jobs to earn extra cash. His daily life costs so little that the gigs […]