What we’re looking at today, folks, is none other than one of the biggest and best additions to your life that Heartland RVs has to offer. It’s known as the Landmark, and once you get a feel for all of it, from price to comfort and amenities, you’ll probably start looking into picking one up yourself. Or maybe that’s just me. If you’ve never heard of Heartland, it’s about time. Looking at the products they offer, we can find campers , RVs, and even toy and utility trailers starting at some unimaginable rates . I was able to find a trailer from them at under $10,000. One that allows you to live your life in it, albeit kind of the bare minimum. The Landmark, however, is a bit different from the less expensive family members in that its least expensive floorplan starts off with an MSRP of $140,580. That’s nearly the price for a home out in Arizona. Even more so, this RV has five different layouts to choose from, each one more elaborate and spacious than the last. Landmark Luxury RV For the sake of time and energy, we’ll just do a quick run through some of the exterior and interior options available on the most expensive layout, the Lafayette. If you haven’t checked out the gallery yet, do so as you probably won’t be reading any of this after. However, do know that the images in the gallery are of the Landmark base design, and the only […]