Hi, Mark My Words Readers! This month, we’ve got questions on stains, drips, sags, RV furnaces and GPS mounts. Remember to send your RVing questions to . Mark, What is the best way to remove leaf stains on a fifth-wheel EPDM roof? We had a recent storm come through while in an RV campground, and it was several days before we returned home and discovered the stains. We have not tried to remove them. Your input would be greatly appreciated! Patrick Hi Patrick, The way I deal with roof stains is to “pretend not to see them.” This has been working fine for me for years, and let’s face it, the roof just isn’t very visible unless you’re in a helicopter. If you simply must clean the roof, you can use Dicor’s rubber roof cleaner (RP-RC160C), but many folks use either Simple Green or Spic n Span. A stiff scrub brush and a bucket of warm water with some Dawn dish soap and some bleach work pretty well, too. Always wet down the sides of the rig before washing and rinsing the roof, or you’re likely to get streaks down the sides. Be extremely careful; that rubber gets really slippery when wet and soapy, and a fall from the RV roof can seriously injure you! Never use any cleaner that has petroleum distillates, abrasives or citrus oil in it on the rubber membrane. Mineral spirits can be used very sparingly by moistening a rag with it and rubbing […]