Marguerite Kucala Stop the car! Marguerite C. Kucala passed at home with family by her side. Maggie, as she was known here in the states and Margie to all the Cunuck family. She was born in Meadow Lake Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada. Her family moving to the Big City of Calgary, Alberta, when she was a child. Where she wrote in her diary she wanted to go to Hawaii and live in California when she grew up. After high school, her best friend Joyce and she decided to broaden their horizons and moved to Great Falls, Montana, United States, where on a blind date she met and fell in love with Al. Not sure Al knew what he was getting into. After marrying Al and moving to Tacoma, Washington, to start her family – Michelle, Steven, Michael – she soon realized Washington was too grey and rainy for her and urged my Dad for another assignment; it was off to Hawaii adding Donelle to the clan. And as if the stars were aligned the next assignment was sunny California, The Kucala boarded the S. S, Matsonia and cruised to California, stationed at Travis they settled into Fairfield, California, for the long haul. Her dreams come true. Still not sure Dad knew what he had got into. Maggie and Al created all this, Michelle (Bruce), Steven (Lee Ann), Michael (Chris) and Donelle; John Gailey (Kathy) as well as many other friends that became family; seven grandchildren, Casey Fox, Joshua Kucala, Jason […]