(Times of San Diego) January 12, 2021 A man who killed four people, including three homeless men, and attacked several others throughout San Diego during a spree of attacks that began nearly five years ago was sentenced Tuesday to four life- without-parole state prison terms, plus 143 years to life. Jon David Guerrero, 43, pleaded guilty nearly a year ago to 15 felony counts — including murder, attempted murder, arson and assault with a deadly weapon — in connection with attacks on 13 separate victims between February and July 2016. Most of the attacks occurred in the summer months, with some of the victims set on fire, while others were bludgeoned, or impaled with railroad spikes. A definitive motive was never disclosed, though preliminary hearing testimony indicated Guerrero told his first victim that he attacked him “because you’re a bum.” Deputy District Attorney Makenzie Harvey said Guerrero targeted “members of our most vulnerable community” and described the attacks as “brutal, gruesome and horrific.” Guerrero’s attorney, Danesh Tandon, told the court his client was being held accountable for his crimes, but noted, “Mr. Guerrero is severely mentally ill. I don’t think anybody doubts that.” Tandon said Guerrero’s parents tried in vain for many years to obtain mental health treatment for their son and said such treatment has proven beneficial during Guerrero’s various state hospital stays since his 2016 arrest. Linda Gramlick, the mother of Shawn Longley, 41, who was stabbed with a railroad spike in Ocean Beach, told Guerrero, “You […]