We talked to Amber Hobert, the President of Dakota Post , one of the largest of the various mail forwarding companies that service RVers. We also talk about when it makes sense for RVers to declare residency in South Dakota and also registering their vehicle in South Dakota. It’s an interesting conversation, What to do with mail is a question we are asked about a lot by RVers planning to go fulltime or to be on extended trips away from home. Others want to know about the tax benefits of registering their RV in South Dakota or even declaring South Dakota as their residency. Here’s the full transcript of our interview with Amber Hobert. Mike Wendland: Amber, thank you very much for making time out of your schedule to join us and talk about mail forwarding. How are you today? Amber Hobert: I’m doing very well. How about yourself? Mail Forwarding Services for RVers Mike Wendland: We’re doing excellent. Let’s talk a little bit about Dakota Post. I have used your service and there’s a number of other ones out there, I know. This has become a very important concern for people as they embrace the full time RV lifestyle. Exactly how does it work and when should one consider signing up with a mail forwarder if you’re a full time RVer? Amber Hobert: Even if you’re a snowbird, you can still sign up for service with us. We have short term and long term policies for both. A […]