LYNDA SUE FINCH Lynda Sue Finch, Age 73 was born on January 5th, 1947 in Kansas City Missouri. She spent many of her younger years growing up in Lexington Kentucky. In middle school she moved with her family to Delano California. Lynda became a world traveler early on as she spent the summer of 65 as an exchange student with families of Norwegian Rotarians. The trip took her by plane to New York and then by boat, on the Italian Liner S.S. Castel Selice, across the Atlantic to London, England and Hamburg, Germany. Lynda was an exceptionally cute girl and was known for her legs. In a Delano Highschool Paper article, dated December 20, 1963 and titled “Campus Query Reveals Qualities Students Look For in “Perfect” Boy or Girl”, one boy stated his perfect girl would have “legs like Lynda Witherspoon.” In high school Lynda was the head Cheerleader for the Delano Tigers. This allowed her to attend many high school games. In 1965 a North High School Star point guard Tom Finch was pushed into the Delano Tiger Cheerleader seats. That is where Tom and Lynda first set eyes on each other and to this day legend has it “the candle was lit.” It would be another year before Tom and Lynda would formally meet in a class at Bakersfield College. And well, the rest is history. Tom and Lynda Finch would be married in Las Vegas Nevada on July 5th, 1966. Although they would live in other […]