I have two magnetic base antennas for my LTE router which I intend to set on the roof and take down each time we move. I do not want to permanently mount or drill a hole in the roof for cable routing. As such, i’m trying to figure out how I can run cables without making anew holes. Some info on my unit: It’s a Winnebago Vista LX with a fiberglass roof Fans are fantastic fans, so there’s no dead space in the vents to leverage, it’s all fan. I have traditional dual pane windows, they are not frameless. If frameless I could run it out a window possible, but if it rains I must close my windows. My router is an ‘industrial’ router and is supposed to be weather proof. I suppose I could just locate it outside and limit the WIFI signal strength inside the motorhome. This motorhome has steel and aluminum framing, though, so wifi coverage is really poor when this is done. Thoughts? What have others done here?