Lori Loughlin has been released after spending two months in jail . Loughlin, the former “Full House” star who bribed her children’s way into college, has been officially sentenced to two months in prison . It’s unfortunate that her crimes, which discredited the system of education in which millions of Americans invest their hopes, did not earn a more serious sentence. In April, she sought a dismissal of her case on the grounds that the venue was chosen to accommodate the government’s venue preferences . Loughlin, it seems, is trying to take advantage of the COVID crisis for her own benefit, as she has tried to take advantage of so many other things. She has been dealing with socially distancing for quite some time . According to a source, this is how things go in Bel Air––the invitations will stop flowing until Loughlin is exonerated, if that happens. Loughlin claimed that she did not intentionally make bribes to get her children into USC. Instead, she claims that the college advisor she hired tricked her. William Singer, owner of college admissions companies Key Worldwide Foundation and Edge College & Career Network, the alleged ringleader of the scam, has pled guilty to accepting bribes totaling $25 million. The scam worked like this: parents would pay Singer, and Singer would in turn render their child’s application much more likely to be accepted. He had people take admissions tests for students, ensuring perfect scores. He would get the students labeled disabled in some […]