Hey everyone! Some friends and I are looking to fly out to Denver in March for a ski/sight seeing tour. There are 6 adults going, and we thought it would be fun to rent an RV instead of a big van and then do air BnBs. I have experience towing a camper, and driving a bus, but that was down here in Georgia. I have a few questions! I want everyone to be able to get some good sleep. I’m assuming when it says “sleeps 8” we should be assuming that really means sleeps 6 adults comfortably. What kind of setup/length should I be looking for? With the weather being cold, I want to make sure we are warm at night. If we are plugged in at a camp sight, are the heaters on newer RVs enough to manage keeping it warm in 20-30 degree weather? Most importantly, I want to be safe. Seems that the rental season for RVs starts in March for Denver. How concerning is driving an rv in the mountains there? Obviously would only be sticking to main roads, except to go to ski resorts. This is the most concerning part for me, and I don’t want to put anyone at risk. I have Driven in snow and Ice, but that was a small truck, not a big RV! Hopefully this is an okay place to post these questions! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!