I’m looking to replace my 2014 Outback Terrain 260trs. I’m having trouble finding any new floorplans that offer as much as my old camper. My requirements are: large outdoor kitchen, with counter space, cabinets, sink, and fridge ( not a pull out tray style kitchen) My current camper has been great, king sized bed, huge outdoor kitchen, 6k lbs and under 30ft total length. It’s an absolute oddball floorplan than no other new camper can match in terms of amenities from what I’ve seen. What are your favorites that might suite me? The camper is 7 years old, and our family has grown. We could use a little more space. When we bought the camper we had no children, and now we have 2. Our current camper is in great shape and has been paid off for a long time, it’s new enough to retain some decent value. We have a little extra money now and we are just browsing to see if it’s the right time to upgrade. I’d like to trade the camper while the market is still hot and the camper still has decent value. I’d absolutely consider a new Outback, but they really don’t offer any floorplans that meet my requirements.