Amazing purchase! I am biased, though. Wife and I bought a 2021 Geo Pro 19FBS a week or two ago. We’re in Utah and got this to extend our season and keep the dogs cozy (for summer and winter) so I tested the heat. The furnace took it from 28F inside to 50F within 75 minutes, with the outside temps in the low 20s and falling. We had to call off the first trip due to a brief but nasty cold and COVID test, but have been poking through it in the driveway and gearing up for a Christmas Day boondocking. My folks had a few campers in my teens; I’m impressed by how well built and feature-rich this relatively small trailer is. My new favorite thing is using the WeRV app to turn the lights on and off. Edit: this comes off like a poorly written paid customer testimony. I was not compensated.