I am so excited to have two very special guests: Elsa Rhae and Baron join me for the Live Feed this Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 2 pm Pacific. This wonderful, young couple has been winter camping as nomads for more then 4 years! Elsa’s videography is stunning and beautiful. She is also an artist and Baron is a fantastic writer and outdoorsman. There is SO much to learn from them! I hope you will join me for the live feed and post your questions for Elsa and Baron in the live chat on our community page! Elsa Rhae, is the editor and operator of the YT channel Elsa Rhae. She has lived in a 13ft Scamp Trailer for over 4 years with Barron, her partner of 10 years, and their dog, Kamp. The Scamp has visited every state from Kansas (their home base) to the west, Colorado being where they currently wander.” You can check out their YouTube channel and Social Media here: YouTube: https://youtube.com/elsarhae FaceBook: https://facebook.com/elsarhae Instagram (Elsa) : https://instagram.com/elsarhae Instagram (Barron): https://instagram.com/barronlink Website (Elsa): https://elsarhae.com Website (Barron): https://normal2nomad.com ___________________________________________________________________ GET EVEN MORE ON PATREON: www.patreon.com/cheaprvliving Get behind the scenes, blog posts, drone footage, personal videos and more! ___________________________________________________________________ THE ULTIMATE CRASH COURSE TO LIVING ON THE ROAD: HOW YOU CAN AFFORD A LIFE OF TRAVEL AND ADVENTURE! I have recently created a 5-and-a-half-hour complete Class for Nomads that contains 19 Videos on EVERYTHING YOU NEED to start your life on the road! This class is now […]