LITHOPOLIS – An unexpected last-minute trip to Oregon in September 2018 led to author Fred Rutter writing his first book. Willow Moon Publishing will release “Hitting the Road Without a Map” in hardcover on Feb. 1 with the softcover and electronic editions coming the next day. In the book Rutter, 69, talks about his trip with acquaintance Todd Brady as the pair delivered a 37-foot recreational vehicle near Portland for a mutual friend who moved there from Vinton County. “We were embarking on something that we really had no idea what we were doing,” Rutter said. “But we figured that hey, we’re men. We can do this.” Along with various adventures Rutter and Brady faced on the road, Rutter’s wife, Tammy, was home with bronchitis. “It all came together very rapidly,” Rutter said. “So we literally had no time to plan for it. And we literally hit the road without a map. That turned out to be the first problem.” He said the pair planned to use an electronic navigation device, but that they couldn’t get a signal in some spots out west. They did buy an atlas in Indiana, however. “But then I realized that we were well off the track if we were making a straight line to Portland, Oregon,” Rutter said. “We were already off of it.” Another challenge was that even though Rutter had driven trucks before retiring form the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, he had never driven a 37-foot RV before. Additionally, the men had […]