LEHI — When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Jon and Breanna Remington and their three children found themselves spending a lot of time at home with each other, like many families. Rather than staying home, however, they decided to bring their home with them on an extended family road trip across the United States — in an RV. But it wasn’t just the current world crisis that caused this family of five to hit the road in a recreational vehicle. According to Breanna, she and her husband have been feeling a need to spend more time as a family for quite some time. “I sold my dance studio in 2018 when I was due with my third child because I was feeling a pull to really focus on my family,” Breanna wrote in an email. “My husband has been working in finance for the last decade and is in a transition time between what he wants to do next.” Along with some savings the couple has put aside, the Remingtons put their home up for rent and sold many of their belongings, including cars, in order to help fund the trip. Preparations also included saying goodbye to friends, including those of their 6-, 4-, and 2-year-old children. “The kids had to say goodbye to all their friends and most of their toys,” Breanna said. “It took all of us a few weeks to adjust to RV life but I’m really proud of them. We try to keep a morning routine […]