Photo: Demargo (Shutterstock) It can be a challenge to get kids to part with their old toys. Sure, they haven’t played with that train since the pre-pandemic times, but what if they suddenly get the urge six months from now and it’s gone ? However, this time of year in particular, kids also embrace the spirit of giving. So if you’re dreading the influx of new toys when your house is already sinking under the weight of their existing ones, you can put their holiday excitement to good use—by suggesting they give a few old toys to Santa. My husband and I decided early on that Santa would not be responsible for giving all the gifts to our son on Christmas morning. In our home, Santa fills the stocking and brings a couple of gifts; the rest of the gifts come from us. We decided to do it this way so we could explain to our son why it was still important to donate and help others in need at Christmastime. “Maybe some parents can’t afford to get the extra gifts like we’re able to,” we’d say. “This will help them give their kids a little extra, too.” It seemed like a balance between allowing him to experience the magic of believing in Santa while still making it clear that not everyone has as much as he does. And this year, perhaps more than any other year, kids have had an up-close look at sacrifice and struggle. Chances are […]