Elkhart, Ind. – Lippert Components’ Bob Tiedge has been selected to be a part of the RV/MH Hall of Fame class of 2021. Robert ‘Bob’ Tiedge is an avid camper and traveler who has been involved with RV camping for more than 50 years. He began his initial camping experiences as a young boy scout, and since then, he has traveled more than 1.2 million miles throughout his life on multiple camping, hunting, NASCAR, and fishing trips to countless destinations. His experiences combined with his enthusiasm for camping and traveling clearly exhibit why he was an ideal candidate for the RV/MH Hall of Fame and the perfect Brand Ambassador for Lippert’s Campground Project. ‘I am humbled by the great honor of being inducted into the Hall of Fame alongside my friends and colleagues,’ Tiedge stated. ‘As I reflect on the nomination, even today, it does not feel real. I equate part of my success to spending over a million miles on the road in my lifetime – both as a youth and as the Brand Ambassador for the Lippert Campground Project, which has offered me the opportunity to cross paths with many RVers across the United States. Regardless of the state, the rig, or the RVer, two words are at the heart of every conversation: family and freedom. Lippert is my family, and they’ve given me the freedom to live my heart’s desire out on the road – dreaming up new ways to make difficult tasks simple.’ In addition […]