Correspondent Russell Vickstrom Sr. turns 100 years old this week. He is a World War II veteran, a Worcester tornado survivor, and a COVID-recovered patient. Vickstrom’s son Russell Vickstrom Jr. helped facilitate this distinguished interview with the man he considers to be his greatest hero. Learning about the life of Vickstrom Sr. was a sincere honor. He is an exemplary citizen and inspiration for us all. How long have you been in Worcester? RV Sr.: I was born on January 23rd, 1921, on Lincoln Street in Worcester, Massachusetts, at home. I’d love to hear any memories you are comfortable sharing about your experience in the War. RV Sr. : The proudest moment of my career was achieving the rank of Petty Officer First Class in the Coast Guard during World War II. I didn’t see any combat. I was deployed in the Caribbean Sea protecting the Southern border of the United States and the islands in the Caribbean. I was stationed in Puerto Rico for a time and then Cuba. I served on a Cutter and I very much enjoyed my time in the Coast Guard. The reason, by the way, I enlisted in the Coast Guard was because after Pearl Harbor, rather than getting drafted into the Army and spending my time in the foxholes, I wanted to be somewhere near the ocean. It was either the Navy or the Coast Guard. The Coast Guard picked me out of the lineup first and the rest is history, as […]