SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) — Beyond the Raiders, the City of Las Vegas is launching a campaign to attract remote tech workers from right here in the Bay Area.

A 15-second ad shared by the city on Twitter asks, “Are you ready to move?”

The city’s campaign points to 300+ sunny days in Sin City, a lack of state income tax, affordable housing and more.


Ryan Smith, the Business Development Manager for the city’s Department of Economic and Urban Development detailed the strategy.

“When we’re trying to attract different, new types of companies, they look at ‘what’s your workforce like,’ and getting these people to Vegas is extremely important for us,” Smith shared.

He said the City of Las Vegas has launched digital marketing ads to the Bay Area and Seattle. They’re also implementing a strategic LinkedIn outreach campaign to tech workers at specific companies.”We’re trying to take advantage of the opportunity for remote workers to work anywhere,” Smith told ABC7 News. “We’re really targeting technology. Las Vegas lags the United States in the number of technology workers in the city. So, we’re trying to bridge that gap and get those people to move to Las Vegas.””If we’re able to get technology workers, Las Vegas will have a better chance at landing some of the bigger or different technology companies as well,” he added. VIDEO: Frustrated Californians move out, say coronavirus ‘pandemic was last straw’ Many frustrated residents are leaving California to live in states with […]