Nik and Lauren Weinmeister liked the thought of a tiny home. They liked the thought even more when they realized they could take it on the road, living and working from anywhere in North America. A friend from Europe introduced the couple to the idea of converting an old school bus into a mobile home when he came to their wedding. And while the pandemic has slowed the conversion, it has not dampened the desire. In fall 2019, the Weinmeisters started turning their dream into reality when they bought a flat nose, 2005 diesel, International school bus. The 42-footer had just under 100,000 miles. When their conversion is complete it will be a 250-square-foot tiny home on wheels. “RVs are really expensive, like the six-figure mark, and also it’s already laid out,” said Lauren Weinmeister when asked why not just buy an RV. “Our school bus was $4,500, and this allows us to invest as much as we want into it. We can design it however we want.” The Weinmeisters started with a budget of $30,000, but Lauren thinks they will end up closer to $35,000. “That includes doing engine work to make sure it can make it across country,” Nik Weinmeister said. “We put new tires, then all the appliances and the construction and tools.” Nik handles most of the construction work, and Lauren has laid out the design. The couple has a condo at Smith Mountain Lake and take in views of the water while working on […]