Submitted Content As a young girl growing up in Mt. Mesa, Linda Wolney was very active and adventurous. From the age of 4, she was riding motorcycles on dirt roads and trails around the valley. It was her freedom. She was a celebrated cheerleader, athlete and scholar at Kern Valley High School. Outside of school, she worked daily at the Kern Valley Hospital, where she would eventually meet her future husband, Tracy Tincher. They would marry soon after high school graduation and raise five children during the next 33 years together. Linda earned her undergraduate degree in chemistry before attending USC (University of Southern California) School of Dentistry to earn her Doctor of Dental Surgery. She and Tracy built a series of successful dental offices in Moorpark and Westlake Village in Ventura County while juggling a large family. Tracy would pass away in 2013, leaving Linda to mind the offices and raise the children, the youngest who was only 10 years old. Tincher kept her home and business together, raising all five children into exceptional adults. In 2020, with her last child turning 18, Linda sold her residence and her Westlake dental practice and returned home to the Kern River Valley. Our beautiful valley has had exceptional specialty physicians, Tincher said. As they retire or pass away, there are fewer specialist physicians who are willing to come to remote, rural areas. This is my home-town. I have many life-long friendships and memories here. It seems natural that I would […]