Just took ownership and then our first camping trip, 2 parents and 2 kids. Had a blast in this great versatile space for everyone to have their own chill zone. It’s a 22 foot rear bath model, and forward of the bath and kitchen are a 3 seater sofa, a 4 seat cafe table, rotating chairs for driver and passenger, and sleeping nook above. It may not be the cutting edge of the industry (nor even have a slide out), but I just love the layout of this RV! As for condition, the whole RV is virtually untouched inside and out. It had a protective cover on it most of the time, was stored indoors most of its days, and not used or driven much. There are only 27k miles on it and the generator has only 30 hours logged. Most of the warning stickers from the manufacturer are still variously stuck on, the plastic carpet protector is still down, and the decals are fresh as new. With this great vintage rig comes the responsibility to maintain, and so I am very curious to hear what tasks you would look to perform for preventative maintenance with a time capsule like this. Would you leave the plumbing, would you upgrade to pex? I would prefer to just enjoy it, but reality always wins in the end. What would you do to make it last a long time and avoid unexpected issues down the road? Understand that most issues are from […]