Photo: Teechai (Shutterstock) If you can’t afford a therapist or schedule regular visits with a mental health counselor, you have one one self-soothing method at your disposal that you may have long overlooked, and it won’t cost much at all: journaling. You may think that journaling simply means jotting down your thoughts at the end of the day—a sort of running log of your emotions, dreams, anxieties and the like—but it can be much more. Journaling with intent can even serve as a form of therapy —albeit one without the hassle of insurance premiums, co-pays, or other red tape. As we slog into a new year full of aspirations and resolutions, it’s worth knowing there’s a whole world of journaling out there. Your methods of monitoring your own headspace through the written word can be broad or extremely specific—either an assessment of the scattered workings of your psyche, or focused on one particular aspect of your life. Let’s run through some of the interesting ways you can get the most out of a pen and a pad of paper in 2021. A dream journal You’ve probably always wanted to decode the mystery of your dreams, but either can’t remember what exactly transpired as you slept, or you haven’t had the bandwidth to sit down and commit to it. This is the time to resolve to keep a dream journal , which will be dedicated entirely to unpacking what your dreams mean. As the memory of dreams is often fleeting, […]