Photo: kungverylucky (Shutterstock) Now that mobile manufacturers are increasingly abandoning chargers in the spirit of managing “e-waste,” I think it’s finally time to give this blanket advice to everyone, no matter what phone platform or manufacturer you prefer: Organize. Your. Chargers. Grab a Ziploc bag—ideally one of the super-convenient ones that comes with a built-in zipper—and go on a mission: explore your home office, dig through your nightstands, and search anywhere else you tend to leave your chargers and cables. Round up all the power adapters you aren’t using, and any extra cables that you use to charge your phone or tablet, and drop them in the bag. Label the bag with a sharpie so it’s always very obvious to you when you look at it. This way, when you upgrade your smartphone and the new one doesn’t come with a charger—like the latest iPhones and, now, Samsung’s Androids —you won’t be stuck with nothing to power it. Or, at the very least, you’ll know where you can go if you need to grab a charger to use at some new location around your home (or on the go). Don’t forget about this bag, though, because you’re going to want to revisit it sooner than later. Saving your chargers is great and all, but you should really consider pruning your collection and replacing your handfuls of crappy old chargers with a few awesome new ones. What about the phone charger you’ve been using for years? Most people will probably […]