Photo: (Shutterstock) In a time marked by a 10-month pandemic, a flailing economy, and a coup attempt , it makes sense that we’re a little anxious. We’ve been stuck inside for nearly a year, with offices closed and businesses shuttering. Given the circumstances—which are impossible for individuals and even big, powerful institutions to control—you might feel the need to talk to a professional about the chaotic whirlwind consuming your mind. And that’s a great idea. There’s a host of considerations that one has to make before starting therapy—and they often run the gamut from financial concerns to readying yourself to be honest with a total stranger. Here’s some of the ways you might start exploring therapy, including answers to some of the questions you might have about getting started. How to find the right therapist Looking for a therapist can be overwhelming, and finding one can often feel like looking for the right romantic partner—it has to be a good fit for the relationship to work. Luckily, we’ve distilled all of the ins and outs of finding the right therapist before, such as the various psychological disciplines therapists employ, the licenses and specializations they can have, and some of the more common questions you might want to ask when starting the relationship. One thing that’s true across the board, however, is how important it is to trust your instincts. As writer Rebecca Fishbein wrote last year: The real key to finding a therapist is exactly like trying to […]