Screenshot: Brendan Hesse Opera recently purchased YoYo Games , creators of the game development engine Game Maker Studio, to build up its new “Opera Gaming” division. Opera hasn’t announced what it plans to do with Game Maker Studio just yet, but the acquisition offers great opportunity to check in on Opera’s other gaming-focused product: the Opera GX web browser. Opera GX was released in “early access” in June 2019, so it’s still technically in development. It also looks like a niche gaming app at first glance. But while it’s best suited to PC players in its current form, there are solid reasons to try Opera GX even if you don’t play games. Screenshot: Brendan Hesse The most gaming-specific feature is the “GX Corner” tab. Clicking the controller-shaped icon at the top of Opera GX’s sidebar opens a window with recent gaming-related news stories, links to free and discounted PC games, and a calendar of upcoming releases. The page is updated automatically and doesn’t need to be configured, but you can customize the layout and specify your region to make the news feed more relevant. Opera GX also lets you connect your Twitch account, Discord, and other messaging apps. Each account is added to GX’s sidebar menu so you can keep up with your notifications and messages directly from the browser’s interface, rather than opening each as a separate tab or app. GX Control panel Screenshot: Brendan Hesse A separate “GX Cleanup” feature lets you quickly clear your history and […]