Photo: Erin Schaff – Pool (Getty Images) Speculation that Donald Trump would wield his executive powers in a big way as he nears a White House exit appears to be proving true: In the last full day of his presidency, Trump is planning to issue 1oo different pardons to a mix of political cronies, white collar convicts and various other recipients, including the rapper Little Wayne, CNN reports . As far as history goes, it’s common for an outgoing president to brandish their authority by granting clemency as they head for the door. And while it’s been an open question as to whether Trump will attempt to pardon himself in his administration’s dying days, it appears the president isn’t yet pursuing that avenue. Nevertheless, the legally dubious option of self-pardon still has appeal, because the second the clock strikes noon on January 20, 2021, Trump will no longer be the sitting president, but a man standing before an unprecedented set of legal issues. Staggering debts to a foreign bank and looming investigations from the New York Attorney General’s office and Manhattan District Attorney’s office comprise just a sliver of the impending judicial scrutiny poised to knock Trump-world off its axis. Authorities have already moved to bring various charges against his children . Even before today, there was no indication Trump would why away from using his executive powers to salvage what he can before the walls close in. He’s so far been enthusiastic about pardoning former associates and cronies […]