Photo: Lutsenko_Oleksandr (Shutterstock) After the holidays, store gift cards can sit in your wallet, unbothered for months—indeed, at any given time, between 10-19% of gift card balances remain unredeemed, and six percent of gift cards are never even used, according to The Hustle . Fortunately, you can sell these cards for actual cash on reseller sites. But are gift card exchange sites safe? How gift card exchanges work You can buy or sell gift cards on gift card exchange websites, which act as brokers between buyers and sellers.Basically, you post a listing for the gift card you want to sell, and as part of this listing you submit the card’s number and PIN, which is verified by the site. The actual exchange is mostly digital, but it can include mailing physical cards, with the reseller acting as the middle man. You’ll never sell a gift card for 100% of its value, however, as the broker takes a small percentage and buyers will expect some sort of discount (otherwise they’d just buy gift cards directly from retailers). But while you lose some value, you’re also getting cash that can be spent anywhere, not just in one store. Plus, the loss in value is better than not using it at all—if you haven’t used the card within 180 days, you’re more likely to not redeem the card at all, according to a Paytronix report. How much you can earn also depends on the popularity of your gift card and how many […]