I’ve had a number of RVs over the past few decades..a pop up trailer, a couple older class Cs, a few hardside trailers, and several different truck campers. Other than maybe a real basic pop up, I never had the cash flow to be able to afford a brand new RV, so all of mine have been purchased used. I also have found that it is virtually impossible to find something without some level of water damage, often extensive water damage, even on relatively new RVs. Though it is also the kind of damage that _appears_ to be very minor until the RV structure is opened up…I’ve rebuilt a few of my campers because of this, as well as scrapped a few once I opened them up and saw the extent of the damage, so I do have a pretty solid grasp of the warning signs that a bit of “very minor water damage” is actually a lot more extensive than the seller realizes (or wants to admit to, lol). As I’m currently looking for another RV now, even considering building something from scratch/ground up, I’m wondering if a class B might be a better option from this standpoint, in that the metal van RV body isn’t going to fall apart anywhere near as fast as a wood structure would in a “traditional” RV, nor is it likely that even extensive water damage inside is potentially going to cause the body to fall apart on the interstate, as what […]