Ever since photographer and road-tripper Foster Huntington unknowingly spearheaded the “van life” movement in 2011 by living out of an ’87 Volkswagen Syncro, many restless travelers have been inspired to follow in his footsteps. Foster’s Instagram hashtag #vanlife, which has now been used over 8.5 million times, has fueled this idealistic outdoor lifestyle of freedom on the open road. And this was all before COVID-19’s travel restrictions inspired 2020’s year of the road trip. Like other city dwellers, I have fantasized about jumping on the #vanlife bandwagon, but have been inhibited by the realities of the van life dream. With family and home obligations, most of us simply can’t drop everything to live out of a van, and purchasing and converting a van to a mobile dwelling space is a costly undertaking, with estimates ranging from $10K–$100K. Fortunately, there’s another road-tripping trend out there in which people have forgone RVs and vans, and simply use gear to camp inside their cars—a movement that I’ve dubbed “Car Glamping” after having invested in it myself. As a travel writer, I used to fly off to faraway places, but the pandemic has forced me, and many other travelers, to seek adventures closer to home. An ordinary SUV can be converted into a micro RV. For me, the concept of car glamping has been a continual work in progress, researching the multitude of equipment on the market, and acquiring each component in piecemeal under the circumstances of this problematic year. I’ve managed to […]