I have never been much of a smoothie drinker. It just isn’t my vibe. I don’t like to drink my fruit (unless it’s blended into a cocktail); I like to eat my fruit, and I like to drink Diet Coke (and cocktails). This is all to say I may not be the target audience for Tasty’s warm smoothies , though I’m honestly not sure that drinkers of cold smoothies are the audience, either.

Not only do I not understand what type of person would enjoy warm smoothies, I do not understand what they are. Have the creators of these warm viscous blends not heard of soup? Maybe all they’re missing in their life is a nice bisque.

Tasty has four different warm smoothie recipes, and Joel wanted to try exactly none of them. I would not let him abandon the taste test, however, because content must flow. But I did let him choose the flavor.

Joel chose the Sweet Potato Gingerbread smoothie , which (spoiler alert) did not taste like gingerbread. What it did taste like was unseasoned, uncooked pie filling. I did not like it. It needed more sugar, it needed more salt; it needed to be mixed with eggs, poured into a pie shell, and baked until firm.

It also required an entire small sweet potato—a sweet potato I would have enjoyed much more if I had eaten it mashed up with butter and salt. There was no need to do this to a sweet potato.

Have you ever tried a warm […]