Image: Metamorworks (Adobe Stock) Smartphones routinely command several hundreds of dollars these days, even tipping into four figures, but you don’t have to spend quite as much for a capable tablet. True, Apple’s iPads still range up beyond the $1,000 mark on the high end, but Android-powered alternatives can be yours for much less.

Whether reading, browsing, gaming, or catching up on shows during a midnight flight, you’ll get along much better with a tablet to amplify your viewing pleasure, and you don’t have to reduce yourself to a ramen diet to buy one. You can buy a usable Android tablet as cheap as $50, in fact!

If you’re not willing to run more than $200 worth of charges on your credit card, we’ve rounded up some of the best Android tablets you can buy for your money according to expert and user reviews, plus tons of personal experience from yours truly.

There really is no better value in the big slate game than the Amazon Fire HD 10 . Coming in at just $150 and available on a monthly payment plan for select shoppers, Amazon’s managed to pack solid hardware into a sleek frame. It begins with the 10.1″ display, the 1080p resolution of which only exposes individual pixels when your eyes are nearly touching the screen, but at normal people distances, it’s plenty sharp for reading, movies, and shows.

Powering the Android-based Fire OS—with thousands of popular apps and games available in its store—is a 2GHz octa-core Mediatek chipset and 2GB […]