RV Roger Revelle in drydock. Image courtesy Glosten From 3D laser scanning to Computational Fluid Dynamics, an efficient and successful major mid-life refit such as the one completed on the RV Roger Revelle requires intricate advance design planning, an updated technical toolbelt, as well as the personal touch. Tim Leach, Principal, Naval Architect (Glosten), walks us through the process. Tim Leach, Principal, Naval Architect, Glosten. Image courtesy Glosten What work was completed by Glosten on the RV Roger Revelle midlife refit. Glosten has a long history of working with Scripps (SIO) and the Revelle. Building on that knowledge of the Revelle and the experience Glosten gained during the midlife refit of the RV Thomas G. Thompson, we worked closely with SIO to develop 39 work packages for the midlife refit of the Revelle. These work packages ranged from small maintenance items to the complete repowering of the vessel. In addition to the repowering, other major items included replacement of the bow thruster, Ballast Water Treatment System installation, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) upgrades, noise mitigation of Engine Room fans, pipe replacement, and a new gondola for the scientific transducers. The repowering involved replacing the six existing air-cooled generators and split electrical bus configuration (auxiliary and propulsion separate) with four new water-cooled generators and an integrated bus (auxiliary and propulsion together). This included replacing major switchboards and transformers, as well as the propulsion motors and drives. Glosten developed a detailed design of the installation of the generators, combustion exhaust, […]