Photo: (Shutterstock) If you have a toddler, and that toddler has tantrums, you know there is no surefire way to snap them out of it every time. A toddler tantrum is the world’s purest form of frustration release, and logic has no place in these animalistic emotional displays. However, once in a while, a parent is able to devise a strategy that both soothes a child during the tantrum and gets to the root of what the hell they’re actually upset about. And that is what this mom , on TikTok, has accomplished. First, watch @bareyoursoul’s video for yourself, and then we’ll discuss: It’s important to recognize that this adorable toddler is not yet in a full-out uncontrollably-screaming-and-pounding-fists-on-the-floor meltdown when the video begins, but this method is quite possibly what prevents it from getting to that point. When seeking to head off a tantrum, prevention and early intervention are always your best best. Let’s break down what Kay did, step by step: 1. Using her sweetest mom voice, she has him sit down and take four deep breaths, a thing she has clearly had him practice many times—since, as she says, he turned two years old. That’s a great time to start implementing a practice like this. 2. Next, she has him “shake it off,” which helps satisfy the craving his body has to physically let out his emotions in the moment. 3. Then she says, “listening ears,” and they each point to an ear to indicate that […]