Just bought a 2021 Grey Wolf 29BH w/ a dry weight of 6,314 lbs. My truck is a 2013 5.0L F-150 Lariat 4×2 SuperCrew capable of towing 8000 lbs. I’m obviously cutting it close with towing, but I’ve been told by people I trust that it will be fine as long as I get the appropriate hitch. Now, here’s the tricky part. The same people I trust tell me I should invest serious money into a ProPride hitch. We’re talking $2800 here, which many of you are already aware (unless I can find a used one). The guy at Camping World, however, is insisting I am fine with a ReCurve . I suspect the guy at Camping World is telling me this so he can sell me a hitch… but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong either. Can I get away with this safely or should I wait for the ProPride? For what it’s worth, I currently have a Husky Center Line I use with the Coleman I’m trading in, and it handles well. I’m just assuming (and I’ve been told) that it isn’t enough for the 29BH. Thanks for whatever advice you’ve got!