Screenshot: YouTube/Warner Brothers As theaters remain closed or operating at a limited capacity, the ongoing pandemic has forced entertainment giants from Warner Bros. to Disney to radically rethink their movie release strategies. Disney has already dropped its one-time spring tentpole Mulan onto Disney+ for a $30 upcharge , but on Christmas day, Warner Bros. will go one better, gifting HBO Max subscribers with free access to blockbuster sequel Wonder Woman 1984 for 31 days. The move presages the studio’s announced plans to release its entire 2021 film slate the same way , which means if you aren’t a subscriber yet, it’s time to figure out the puzzle that is HBO Max. But if taking on yet another monthly streaming service fee isn’t in the cards, here’s how to enjoy the superhero film for free (or at a lower cost with an ongoing HBO Max subscription) on Dec. 25. Get a free trial of HBO Max through Hulu or YouTube TV The free trial for HBO Max is a thing of the past—mostly. Just in time for the launch of Wonder Woman 1984 and other forthcoming blockbusters, HBO has ceased offering a free trial to new customers. Thankfully, you can still test out HBO Max for free for seven days if you bundle it with another streaming service. Hulu has partnered with HBO Max to offer one week free when you sign up for both streaming services or add HBO Max to your existing Hulu subscription. After the first week, […]