One of the most notable features of the iPhone 12 is the 5G speeds. However, many users may find that the constant turbo-boosted 5G is detrimental to their battery life. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to disable 5G on your iPhone when you don’t need it. While 5G may be great if you are downloading whole seasons of TV to watch on a long transatlantic flight (which doesn’t seem terribly likely right now), for your regular music streaming and Twitter doomscrolling, you don’t need the lightning-fast connectivity. The iPhone 12 defaults to a setting called “Smart Data Mode”, which will switch you over to the slower LTE when it thinks you don’t need 5G. For the manual method, go into “Settings” then “Cellular Data Options,” and then “Voice and Data.” There, you’ll see options for “5G on”, “5G auto”, and “LTE”. We recommend you stick with 5G auto for that extra boost when you need it, and to save battery when you don’t. If you care more about your battery, or are one of those people , you can just leave 5G completely off. Just remember to turn it on if you have a big download about to start.